Rescuing good people from bad kitchen design

Julia Johnston, CKD, the owner and designer, spent over a decade working with the most luxurious kitchen cabinetry in the world. She now works with individuals, architects and builders to bring those upscale attributes to kitchens at every level.  

​Kitchens for Cooking's sole purpose is to create better kitchens: more functional, better organized, more beautiful. Wherever you are in the design process--whether just starting to think about design or well into the process--we will work with you to achieve your ideal kitchen.



Independent Design

Independent design means that you--the client--are not required to go with any specific cabinetry line or product: all recommendations are made according to what is best for you and your kitchen, never on what we sell (because we don't) or what will make us the highest profit.   

Put another way, we act as your agent to find what best serves your project: function, design, aesthetics and budget. 

How We Work

What  we will do for you depends on your needs.  It can range from answering a single question (what countertop would be best for my kitchen?) to a complete and detailed set of CAD drawings. Or....


  • ​Tweaking unimaginative designs

  • Assisting with selection of appliances,/cabinetry/countertops/accessories

  • Evaluating designs from builders and home centers

  • Acting as your agent throughout the entire design process


Whatever your needs, whatever your budget, and wherever you are within the design process, Kitchens for Cooking can work with you to help create your dream kitchen.  

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